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Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Meet Shan

Shan is a little shy but she loves to dress a little wild. She likes Vampire movies ghost stories & all things supernatural. She loves alot of different kinds of music & chihuahuas of course. She has a soft spot for all animals and feeds birds she sees in parking lots.

she is adorable and seems to be as sweet as you, Alisha. ;)
Thanks Zana you soo sweet : ) Her personality is me but I don't look much like her.
wow I like Shan! she is awesome very cute Thats my sons girl friends name Shannon he calls her Shan and she is shy! I can't figure out how to post pics I belong to different blog things and I don't understand
Thanks Karen : )
oh she is tooo darling...and daring and just a little vamp.
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