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Sunday, March 19, 2006


I found these patterns yesterday and had to make some.

they are so cute! i think i must make a few for some of my friends! now! now!
..acually, maybe tomorrow instead. i am definately too tiered after raving all night and morning long...
Are those beads on the caps? Very cute! Good choice of colors too. Hey I bet these are great ways to use up scrap yarn huh? ;^) Thanks and rock on!!
I used paint the kind with the skinny tip works perfect. Thanks for the compliments. Yes scraps are great for this and there's no sweing things together, super fast & easy.
Ahh, very clever. Hey um, is there a way to get a hold of you on your web site? I looked, but I dunno, I didn't see anything. really I just want to say I'll say a prayer. I know every one counts no matter how small, right:)?
Thanks so much for that : ) I left a comment on your blog.
Thanks Alisha!;^)
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