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Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Hello Kitty


My name is Oslofia, and I live in Sweden with my bf and our beautiful daughter. You can read more about me and my crafts at my blog - Oslofia Stitching Away.

I joined the Amigurumi Along today...and I had to start on my first project as soon as I was signed up. I took the picture with my mobile, so it is a bit blury. Anyways, the result was yet another Hello Kitty I mean Amigurumi, and she ended up being about 8 cm / 3 inches in lenght. I think that I'll put her on my handbag strap...far away from my 2 year old bulldozer. I think that it could be really cute to make it with thinner yarn and smaller hook, and turn this little baby into a little mobile charm.

I want to make more of these cute small Amigurumi dolls, and I think that Keroppi or Cinamoroll is up next =)

Welcome Oslofia glad you joined : ) I love your wee little bitty Hello Kitty it's just precious!!
Thanks Alisha.

The little doll has kept me up for too I'm off to bed now. Have a great day!!!!
Welcome! I love your Hello Kitty!
How cute!
She is so cute!
She is adorable Oslofia! Can not wait to see what you do next (I'm voting in favor of Keroppi!!)
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