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Friday, March 03, 2006

Amineko Pattern for You!

Oh man. I've done it. I've actually found a free pattern of a Amineko. But, the problem was, it was in Japanese. Bablefish to the rescue! But, if you've used online translators before, you know that you get a rather amusing version of English.So, I put on my thinking cap, and asked around the sites I lurk at, and was able to get some help deciphering this pattern. Special thanks to yarndiva at crochetville for her extra special help, and Sushi Mifune and squambo on craftster for their initial translation help.

Head over to my blog, for the pattern.

I've began my first kitty, so all you would see if I posted a pic was the tippy top of a head. But, here's the image from the Japanese site.

yay! someone did it for me. whew. thanks, Sarah!
we are all glad that somebody did it....way cool=)
i should add that you are sooo brave too....
not only that but determined...where have you been all this time?????i bet you have way cool creations too so please come back and share
thank you's in english!!!and the directions are understandable...and they don't say knitt this way
Oh Thank you I love you : )
Yay!! I've been trying to figure out that pattern for a month and was about to give up. Those kitties are so cute, I just have to have one.
YEEEEAAAAHHHH!!!! I was going to go looking for an amineko pattern!!! Thank you so much for your efforts!! I agree with the first Anonymous person said. Please come back and share!!! Thanks again!!!! This is totally awesome!!!! (Can you tell I'm from California? North Bay though, I have to clarify)
I'm glad I could help. I know how frustrating it can be to not find a pattern - free or not!
And one will be made down under. Fabulous, thankyou
wow. thank you so much for doing this I've been trying to figure out so many japanese patterns for ages & I just don't get them. this is great thankyou! :D
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