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Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Mr. Frog Pattern

Awhile ago I posted my little Mr. Frog and some of you visited my website and asked for the pattern. Me? Pattern? hahahaha (^_^)' I finally got around to writing it down, although... I'm not sure how correct it is, meaning I've never written a pattern before so I hope it makes sense! Just remember it's more of a loose guideline than a pattern really and you'll be ok! hee hee Good luck!

i have a ?
u said it's just like a is that kinda how u crocheted your cats???
not trying to pry just beginning crocheting and really intersested in ur expertese way of making aminekos
thank you
that's awesome!
yes, this is very similar to how i made my cats. the head and body starts out the same. the cat's head goes up to 48 scs then 7 rows worked even (i think) before you decrease back to 12 (or was it 18?). the body goes to 24 i think it was??? then decreases back to the same as the body whatever that number was. heh sorry. i have it written down somewhere. (^_^)' and then the limbs are completely diff thanthe frog though. and the ears are triangular not round like frog's eyes. :D hope that helps!
oops i meant the body decreases back to the same as the head! hahaha confusing!
hey all us newbies hope you can post that kitty pattern sometime....we love that kitty
thank you for your help
2 sweet:)
that kitty pattern has copyright issues about it... from what i can gather whoever uses it must swear to not sell any kitties made from the pattern. but i'm really careful when it comes to copyrights... let me do a little more research on it... or if anyone else knows anything about please say!
hey you guys
about that kitty pattern
it is copyrighted and it's suppose to be illegal to reproduce what is on that website without permission...or crediting the kitty's creator.....which is too bad; so we have to figure it out 4 ourselves and remember not to sell it and give credit to the person that created it and all that mumbo jumbo....
yup so if you're clever enough you can work off my Frog pattern using some clues I dropped in other comments and "figure" something out! ;) thanks, anonymous! i'll post the link (on my site) to the actual site i got the pattern from and you can decide what to do from there.
you are too good to follow up on this amigurumi girl...good 4 you....:)
no matter how much we love those little kitties...we shouldn't steal what's not ours cause it's not fun when it happens to us
kudos to all those honest guys that care about other peoples creations!
well... we're not stealing the pattern because it was given to us, just with explicit instructions for use! ;)So let's not take advantage of the generosity. The site has a wealth of information if you have the patience to poke around. I can't find the copyright warning anymore but I know I saw it once and there are even detailed How To instructions with photos. Take time to dig around (using altavista's bablefish for help) it's worth it.
i think that everyone loves that kat and wants one too....and the pattern is really hard to understand that's why we all asked for help....thank you
well as i understand the website nad what was posted on the copyright stuff, there's no problem in sharing the pattern, or the kitties as gifts and even displays in your store and what not. they just ask you always credit where the pattern came from and that under no circumstances are any profits to be made from the sale of the pattern or the kitties. that's my understanding anwyay... so i may post my version of the pattern soon (of which after much research last night i found that my pattern is NOT exactly as the original anyway haha).
you are so right a. girl
i asked some bloggers who made kitty and said the same thing...that the website wants toshare the pattern but in turn to give the author credit the bloggers are: zhinka dinka doo:how to make a cat(crochet)
and at my little mochi:maido...this blogger told me that if we post this pattern on a blog we must credit the source
thought i'd just share and hope this helps everyone
if i post the pattern and put a link to the source is that the same as giving credit?
hey i think thats just what those other guys little mochi and zinka dinka doo
if you check out the listing i gave you above you'll see their blog or i could email you their website if you would
well woohoooooo! Sarah put up the pattern! It's slightly different from the one I used but I'm sure the results will be the same. Hope you all enjoy it!
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