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Sunday, February 12, 2006

a long overdue hello

allo all!
i'm very sorry for not posting sooner, but i was having camera problems for a bit now and had not photographed any recent creations. well, from the last month anyway (as i've only been crocheting since christmas! what was i living for before?!hehe). coming empty handed to such a talented group of people just seemed wrong. so i have a few creations for you:
mr. up and down:


I have some more pictures, and i will post them soon; now that my camera is fine, my computer is being real...lllyyyy s..l..o.....w....
jeez. thechnology hates me. oh! about me: i am a final year highschool student in kitchener, ontario, who is hoping to attend a journalism program in university next year. apart from crocheting, i like to go to local shows, raise a ruckus, watch law and order, and laugh aloud.

How cute are these? EXTREMELY. love them
I love your fliperella : ) Very creative.
aww, thank you. i'm glad you like them.
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