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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Vincenzo Eggplant

Here's my latest creation... the light was bad in my apartment, so I apologize for not having a clearer picture.

I'd like to ask for opinions: I made little arms for this guy, but he looks so cute as he is, I can't bear to sew them on... what do you think? Arms, or no? This is his story:

"Little Vincenzo hails from Little Italy.

He ran away from a dottering little nonna that tried to bake him into eggplant parmesan. He's on the lam!"

Way cute as is! No arms needed. ;) Good job!
no arms, he's adorable without
just think if he'd have arms then he might need legs and feet!;)
he's cute either way....
i think if he had arms ,feet etc then he'd start looking like that weinersnichel hot dog guy thats always running away from getting eaten....that is if you eastcoasters have weinersnichel-:)
He's great just the way he is !!
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