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Monday, January 30, 2006

Katie and Birdie

Thanks for your warm welcome. Yesterday was Sunday, and with so much time on my hands, what was I supposed to do? Amigurumi !!!

I made this little cat to go with my little rabbit. And I found an old pattern for a bird in my printed files. It's from Marlo's crochet website, I can dig and find it for you if you want ! The cat has no pattern.

I have a bunch of questions for you all ! Do you make amigirumi from patterns, or do you invent them? Where are you all from? What do you do with your finished pieces?

I don't have patterns for my creations; i just make them from my head. Trial and error, and all that :)

As for what I do with them - I've only started making amigurumi about a few weeks ago, so i don't really have any plans for mine as of yet...
I love the bird : )They're just fab.
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