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Monday, March 20, 2006


I made this to resemble a favorite movie dog.

I loooooove him so much !!
I was totally going to ask if it was Gromet, then I saw the name. He he. Really I'm awake! It's only 11AM here! But seriously, very cute. Very cute. Did you make him up yourself?....Is he knitting? Are those little needles? OMG! Ahh! Too much! Too much! Great stuff!! Thanks for sharing!!
he is so great!!! i am so excited you posted this one.
Oh my goodness!! So good! I love Wallace and Gromit. Are you making Wallace too? With a piece of cheese I hope. haha
so cute is this your own pattern? WALLACE AND GROMIT
Thanks for the comments. The pattern was adapted from a Crochet World magazine. It's a regular four legged dog but instead of "standing on 4 legs" I sat him upright on his tailend. :)

The mini knitting was done on size 1 needles and then transferred over onto toothpicks.

I'm trying to make a Shaun the sheep next. :) Maybe eventually Wallace.
Oh he is so cute! Fantastic job!!!

OMG that's such an awesome idea. Gromit is so cute and always knitting, if you made a Shaun to go with him it'd just be way too cool.
I LOVE it. That's so cute. I have a Shaun here. . He was my first attempt at amigurumi.
that Shaun in comment above is just too cute! you guys are amazing!
That is really cute!!!
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