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Tuesday, May 30, 2006

7 little animals

Here are all of the animals I tested...the patterns can be found for sale here at etsy
I had such a good time making them and they all work up quickly and easily!!

I'm in love! The monkey is fabulous. I have this thing for monkeys. I think it's b/c when I was less than a year old, I got this stuffed monkey "Mr. Chimps" for Christmas. I still have that monkey 28 years later! LOVE MONKEYS! I would so buy that pattern if I had any clue how to do this craft!?
Those are awesome! The kitty and the last one are the cutest of the bunch. Really great job!
Love the Lion's mane!!!
They're all SO CUTE. But the Cheeky look on the Monkeys face....he's won my heart :-)
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