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Monday, May 08, 2006

Formally introducing....Lil' Miss Bunny Rose!

Yay!!! I finally finished her!! Lil' Miss Bunny Rose!

She is a gift for my friends' daughter. The one that I made the bear for; yeah, her. She's just about due. I think she's got about a week and 1/2 left. And she just quite working which I can't believe I was ready to be done with work when I was about 6 months. We were joking that she was going to have the baby behind the counter (she works at my local coffee shop). But that would never happen! Anyways, as always; happy thoughts, luscious merriment, and lots of obsessive yarning! Ciao for now!!

how cute is that! love the hat :)
It's awesome! I love the floppiness of it; it looks so cuddly.

Beautiful! I love her accessories. Has she got a patch of white on her left leg too? Cute cute! (^_^)
oh dishes...
what a cutie
you did a good job with this one!!!
Your friends daughter is one lucky girl. That is SOOO CUTE!
Awwhh, geez guys! thanks! I'm totally blushing! Yes there is a patch of white on her leg, I kinda ran out of the pink, so I figured I'd just make her 'patchwork.' I felt kinda silly about it, but everyone loves it, so I guess I'm pretty over it. (>_<) Oh and this one turnedout so well 'cause I had a recipe. The others I just kinda winged it. I'm much happier with a recipe next to me! Anyways! Thanks again!
That's really nice.
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