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Monday, July 11, 2005

Les Doudous....

Celeste has informed me that I need to comment on my most recent purchase! I bravely faced the perils of the French book store FNAC this weekend and picked up these two books by author Cendrine Armani:
(Both are clickable for a larger view!!)

DoudousDoudous Autour du Monde

I am sure that you are scratching your head and saying "Doudous?????" We are not talking about Doggie Doo-Doo here! Doudou is a french slang word, so there is no exact translation - in a basic sense, it is the word used for a childs security toy.

There are some more details on my blog about these books. I searched Amazon and someone is selling them for $30+ each! I purchased them for $19 each (nice markup eh?). Pattern books seem to be more expensive here in Europe....first expensive yarn now expensive patterns - I can not win! :) I am going to try out a few patterns in the next few weeks (need to buy the correct materials) and will let everyone know how much FUN it is to crochet in French when you are not a native french speaker.......what was I thinking when I bought these???? Oh yeah, they are really cute!!

OOOh I'm jealous I love those !!
It's fun to be obeyed! LOL

I LOVE these books! I found them for $14.95 Euro online and am still looking. I'm willing to give the French a go.

Keep us posted on your progress!
If you do purchase the book, let me know - I am more than glad to help with the translations if you get stuck....started a fishy tonight and so far so good!
I can't wait to see what you come up with, Kimberly! They look so cute!
The boók looks really nice...cant wait to se your fish =)
those books look neat! the patterns i'm sure are adorable! can't wait to see what you make!
those are adorable! Very cute.
Hello Jessica
Great blog:)
I've these 2 books, I'll send you with pleasure or visit my multiply space
for book 1
book 2
you need to open an usuer acount. it's free, then ask me invitation as contact... all album are private for contact only
Amanda (a turtle lover)
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