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Monday, June 26, 2006

New Patterns :)

I hope you guys like them, I'm really happy with the cat, it's the first one I make :)
Maqui & Carrot
Leti & Ratita
Mateo & Balloon
& some monsters :)
Monsters under the bed 1 : Martita & Larana

These are beyond fabulous! I was going to say the bunny is my fav - love the carrot...but then it's like, no, wait...the cat & mouse are my fav. But what about the bear & the adorable balloon? And the little monsters are such a hoot. So I can't play favs...I want them all!
I agree with above comment.. I couldn't fave any as they're all so sweet. Nicely done too.
they are all very cute!
the monster looks so sweet.
thank you :)
i think my favorite is the purple monster (martita)
Oh I LOVE the monster! That big happy eye and mile wide grin. Too cute! They're all cute! And what a coincidince, I made a little mouse just like that white one last week but haven't posted it yet! Great minds think alike. hahahaha Great job!
amigurumi girl, post your mouse so we can see it :)
thank you all, i'm going through this really productive stage and loving it!!!
i can't stop crocheting!
I LOVE the Monster!! I love monsters! That are so cool. Would you mind if I made a simular (did I spell that right? sorry, it's been a bit dramatic in my world recently-kid just got out of the hospital) one for my baby boy? He LOVES the crocheted items I make. In fact, he steals them all from me. :) Guess I can't be to mad about that. Opps babble babble
Your stuff is great! it's so nice to see peeps being so productive! It makes me wanna get on it!! Thanks for sharing! And thanks for the inspiration!!! You're always great for that!!!!!
~The Dishes (>__@)
lol I LOVE the monsters...too cute!! Will the patterns for the monsters be included in your new Ami book? If not, where can I get them? I just posted some pics of a few things I made from your 1st book on my blog, btw. Check it out: :)
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