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Tuesday, August 08, 2006

pink monkey

This is the pink monkey that I made. The original one was brown but when I saw a member from one of my crochet groups had made it in a baby pink with white I just had to make a similar one and I made mine in hot and baby pink...sort of like the pink panther colors...LOL

The pattern is from one of the older Annie's Attic books.

I'm in love! The pink monkey is fabulous :)
Very beautiful. Her blog is show.
Nice work. pretty face
hay im from australia.. were the kangaroos come from :)
and i really like ur monkey and i was wundering if u would like to let ur monkey see the world?
u could post it to me and then i take lots of pictures at differant sites then we move it on to the next person our back to u if u like ?
what do u think ..
we could post the photos on the internet and then see who wants it next!
The traveling monkey
i forgot to ad if u like my idea u can email me on
i will hopefully talk to u soon
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