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Sunday, July 17, 2005

Sea creatures

This is what happens when you start crocheting & let your hook run wild. The octopus Olga started it all & I ended up with Shelby the Sea turtle & Sushi the squid. I don't care for the eyes on the turtle at all, other than that I'm pleased with them. You can get the octopus pattern for free on my blog or at crochetville.I'm planning on typing up patterns for the others soon.

The octipi are cute, but my favorites are the turtles! Very cute!
yeah the turtles are my fav's tooo there just adorable!
yay! much love for the turtles!! hehe that squids are cute too tho! =D great work
Hee! I love them all!
Thanks everyone ((Hugs ))
Great job on all of them Alisha! They look very cute!!
those are sooo cute! you could make them into a mobile or something for a boy's room! i'm heading to your blog to check out the pattern! keep up the good work
Thank you : )Star knitter My stpdaughter is having a baby in Dec and she was eyeing them all the other night so I guess I'll be making some baby friendly ones too.
I think they are adorable. I'm wondering how you got the octopus "legs" to curl so. I tried a pattern I saw recently in a crochet magazine for a bookworm with the same legs and mine were a spiral but a very loose one and nothing at all like yours which I can't seem to do for love nor money as the saying goes.
Alita Put 3 sc in each ch down 2 might even work can't remember which I did.
I love all your sea creatures!!!
Hello Jessica ! So lovely turtles!
I'm crazy for them !! GREAT works
aturtlelady from France
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