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Friday, July 15, 2005

Hi there

Hi i just wanted to introduce myself my name is Allena, i just joined this amigurumi along! Image Hosted by Photo Hosting i love all the Amigurumi you've all been making they're so CUTE! I've just started to crochet some little friends.

the green and purple one is a mouse.. i haven't decided what to name him and the pink and purple one is supposed to be a porcupine but i think he looks more like a hedgehog! so i've named him Punk. any suggestions as to what to name the mouse?my DD#2 just loves them! so does my older daughter! i used this pattern here and i used double strands of worsted weight yarn i had left over and laying around... it's so addicting to make these little guys.. LOL
Here's my home blog... i'd love to have you stop by! anyways just wanted to say hello!Image Hosted by Photo Hosting
have a great day!
Image Hosted by Photo Hosting

Hi Allena! Can not wait to see what you are making! Glad to have you crocheting with us...or knitting :-D which ever you choose!
Those are very cute!! I love Punk! He is adorable!!
I love both of them! Glad to have you playing along!
Very, very, very cute!!! I love the bright pink and purple combo.
Cute! I especially love Punk.
They're adorable & Welcome can't wait to see what else you come up with.
Hi How about Jade house mouse
jade that's a cute name for her... i'll bounce by my DD see what she says LOL she of course has the final say. LOL
They are sooo cute =)
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