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Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Little bear

Well.. I know it's not exactly a cute amigurumi, but this is the far I can get (by now mwahahaha cause I will keep trying!).
Hope you like it anyway :D I made it without pattern and the little nose+eyes are small beads that you can hardly see :(

The process + Finnished + Ready for winter!

<3 Veronica

it's very good. i don't think i can ever create one w/out a pattern!
I like the multi-hued yarn colors. :)
You did a good job. I saved the Amigurumi sites and every so often I stare at them trying to figure out eye placement and head shape and why are they so darn cute? I have a head done that looks like a pig, but its a dog lol!
thanks girls!

Hahahaha Karen!! tell me about it!! I wish I could make the ones like the japanese make!! A girl told me there are stores that teaches you (well.. not the stores, the teachers inside them :P). I wish I could find something like that here in Spain!
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