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Saturday, July 30, 2005


In case there are those of you who are hesitant about sharing your creations, let me introduce you to UgliBunni:

I made her freeform, and, well, she just didn't turn out like I pictured. I think if I'd gone with a squatter body and worked on my embroidery skills, she wouldn't be so bad, but ...

So don't be afraid to post anything you come up with. UgliBunni would enjoy the company. :)

I LIKE UgliBunni!! I think that she is cute!!
i think your uglibunny is cute! so creative!!!
Really cute Jessica : )
I LOVE uglibunny Jessica! I think she's awesome...
I like her! She is really cute.

I like her too, a very unique shape!
I think your UgliBunni turned out cute =)
I *love* UgliBunni. She's gorgeous! I wish I could freeform like that :)
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