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Wednesday, July 27, 2005

FOUND: Amigurimi!

Greetings, all!

I was in Vancouver, B.C. recently and found a craft store with a full-on Amigurumi display in their window:
Amigurumi samples Amigurumi samples

Upon entering, I was excited to find a collection of Amigurumi books - and I, of course, purchased one. My friend Fenny tells me that the title actually says "Amigurumi":

I also found some other examples of Amigurumi in the shopping center. I have some photos of them as well as more pages from my Amigurumi book on my blog entry.

Guess who I was thinking of while I was shopping?

Sorry, Alicia, I didn't have any Canadian currency left or I would have purchased this for you. I'm not even sure what it was - maybe a lunchbag?

Oh my goodness Celeste those pictures are so cool : )Thanks for thinking of me it's the thought that counts (( hugs))
Woo-hoo! Thanks for sharing!
Wow, you found the jackpot there! I would love to have been there to have a good look. Thanks for sharing!
I'm so green with envy! i'd love to get my hands on a book like that.... sigh.. maybe one day!
What a great book Celeste!! Love the bees and monkeys! How adorable!!
That book looks really great. What will you make?
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