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Saturday, July 23, 2005

Hi everyone!

Originally uploaded by m patrizio.
I'm Marilyn and this is Metal Mouse. I designed and created him myself. I hope you like him :)

He's super cute I love it :)Welcome !!
He's fabulous! Thanks for sharing!
I'm so glad you joined! Welcome!
Thanks for inviting me rodentia!
Wow! Great job on Metal Mouse! He looks wonderful!! Glad to have you join us!!
Love him, especially the skull on his tummy!
he's super cute! are you going to share the pattern?
i have been looking at the site that was posted a while ago getting wonderful ideas for some cute things...
hiya marilyn! metal mouse is too cute, heheh. i love the big eyes and tummy patch you've given him. =D
Thanks everyone for your comments. Allena- I don't know how to make or follow patterns yet :( When I figure it out I will post one.
He is soo cute =)
cool! i've never really made a patter on paper yet either i would guess you just write down what you do...
does anyone else know how?
Yep Allena you just go step by step what you do I use a big notebook with lots of room & a pencil with a big eraser : )
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