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Wednesday, August 24, 2005

No eyes or nose yet...

Hello everyone, I'm new to this blog site. I just finished my first two little bears with thread jointed arms and legs, but when it came time to do their faces, I couldn't decide whether to add real doll eyes, or embroider the features. HELP! I guess I could go to the craft store to see if they sell doll/bear eyes, but shouldn't I have put them on before I stuffed? Do you put the safety eyes on before the filling goes in? Thanks for your advice. I'm quite new at this, but found it to be a lot of fun once I figured out how to keep track of my crocheted rounds. :)

very cute! my book shows them putting the eyes after it was sewn- but yes, i think it does make sense to sew the eyes before you fill -- i think i'll do that next time. i didn't have any buttons so that's why i just used yarn for the eyes. can't wait to see more of your work.
I have put them on before I stuffed because they had those plastic backs
The colors are great can't wait to see them finished!
this is _great_!
If it's for a child, I say embroider the eyes, if for an adult, you can use buttons.

The eyes I used for my big bear have screw on saftey backs. You have to put them on before you stuff. They are available at craft stores.
Thanks for the "eye" answers. I think I'll head out to the craft store to see what looks best. I may just do the embroidery style, since I wanted it to be "child" friendly. I started a yellow one last night--there's going to be way too many bears hanging around this house. ha ha
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