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Monday, August 29, 2005

Technicolor Bird

technicolor bird -right profile
Originally uploaded by m patrizio.
I had a beak laying around that I never used, so I decided to add a body, some buggish wings and felt legs and made Technicolor Bird!

I love it!
I love it! I think your use of stitching really sets it apart.
So great! I love the added appliques!!
great, I love it ; that's the principal reason I like Amigurumi ; you can use the colors you want.
Great group.....I'm really proud to be here
Thanks everyone!
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Your little bird is soooo cute, I love the use of felt and the stitching, love it!!
How fabulous is that bird??? Love it!!!
adorable! i am just in love with this blog. i have been crocheting for a long time, but have never made anything more than a scarf or afgan.

i would love to start making some of these fun amigurumis. any tips and helpful hints would be so appreciated!

keep up the wonderful blog! i can't wait to visit more often.
i like it! it's so colorful and creative!
So colorful and I'd say, a very happy, "happening-stylish" bird. :)
That is such a cool bird...I love it =)
He's *so* cute!! I'm in love!
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