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Wednesday, September 07, 2005

My first Japanese pattern!

I was determined to try and figure out the Japanese patterns that I won from a seller on Ebay. It was a challenge, but I'm proud of my first little amigurumi Bunny from a pattern written in a language other than English. :) YIKES!

Congratulations! She's a real cutie!
Hey Kathleen!! It's Mara! It is a small world huh? Anyway.... darling bunny!! Just adorable! I didn't know you crocheted!! Hugs!
Hi ya Mara! Well, Nana Great taught me to crochet when I was around nine years old--I'm just getting back into the yarn arts again. Thanks!
great job! -
i was amazed too when i finished my first one.
I love the offset ears. Gives her character.
Good job! The first one is always the hardest, but at some point it just clicks :)
This is such a cutie =)
you did a great job!! really cute :)
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