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Friday, March 24, 2006

awwwww look it the chihuahua! cute!!
My son want's a chihuahua...I should make him one of cute!!!!
My daughter also wants a chihuahua!!! Is there a pattern???? Please tell. Sooo adorable.
the pattern is from a japanese book u can get it on for 10 dollars us it has about 8 cute patterns or u can give me your email.
Hey Jenn, Just realized you were from T.O. That's where I grew up! Neat. Anyway, email is Thx. a bunch.
Aww chihuahua Yes I have two that I adore : ) They're special little babies!! Yours is sooo cute : )
I loveeeeeeeeeeee
the chihuahua.....
its to adorable!!!

i want this pattern...but how?
who wants to help me???
(i asked verry sweet)
Im from the Netherlands.
can u email me at
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