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Thursday, March 09, 2006


Here is an amirgurimi bunny in a dress. The pattern was modified from a cat pattern.

What a sweet bunny : )
She's adorable. I love the dress.How big is she?
Looks Great! I want to make some amiguri reeeaaal bad and I just bookmarked a cool page with lots of old patterns here:
I'm not a member of this blog so I can't post it but I hope someone finds it as new and exciting as I do!

Could these amigurumi's get any more cute....nice job!
i love the bunny joyce! nice work
thanks all!
samantha: the bunny to the top of the tip of her ear is just slightly over 11 inches.
Adorable! Love the dress! It's so simple it's what I like. Cute!(^-^)
Hey Veronica, thanks for the website, by the way. Interesting find. I'm gonna try the Susan Doll one day soon. Too cute.
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