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Tuesday, March 07, 2006

A few more critters

Meet Rasta the Happy Critter, he likes to listen to music and relax. He's a happy guy and his favorite thing to do is laugh.

You have already met Lila. I finished her friend Corbin Jr. yesterday his body, arms and legs a bit bigger than Lila's. My kids just love them. Corbin Jr was all wrapped up in a homemade sleeping bag last night on the night stand next to my son.

I'm a bit disappointed that I'm still getting holes where you can see the stuffy :( What's the trick to avoid that. I especially get a holey look when decreasing. I did find that if I don't decrease in the same place every time it's not as noticeable but I can still see it.

Had the same problem on my amigurumi sock monkey...I'll be posting him soon. I love the multi colored yarns!
Umm.... I saw one time while wandering through Japanese sites where they thread embroidery floss into the holes. Almost just like threading a needle through the middle of your fabric, but I think that's a lot of work. I wish I could tell you where I saw that, sorry. I have the same problem. If you figure something out, please share!!!! :) Good luck!
Aww so cute : )
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