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Thursday, March 09, 2006
Good Morning! I've been slowly working on my girl. I had originally named her Pinky, but every time my son sees her he say "nice, nice." So I think I'm going to change her name to Nice. I think she likes it.she's not very happy that she's not done though. Even though her eyes are closed, she still shoots out the dirty looks. Especially since Body is sittin' right next to her. she doesn't dig that too much. Honestly, Body would like to be connected too. They say, "I just don't feel complete, mom. Fix me." So I'm almost done. And I have to work today. But I am going over to my friend's house and she loves to craft. I bet I can convince her to help me make some hair. If someone would help, that would be great! It would get done so much faster! We'll see this evening. Hopefully I'll have her completed tomarrow and be able to post her tomarrow night. Yeah! That sounds like a good goal. I'm gonna go for it! Well, have a good one, all! See ya soon!

Here is Body sitting next to Nice. Soon, loveys, soon you'll be one.

I think she's groovy.
Cute really cute : )
Cool, man....I can DIG it!!! (really cute and different)
Really like the hair - dread locks. great work
i think shes a great design
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