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Thursday, March 09, 2006

Hi i'm new amigurumi along.I love to crochet currently i'm working on a hello kitty's in diffrent outfits and i'm planning on selling them.I need to wait on the patterns but i'm super excited to join this group nice work everyone.


She is sooooooooooooo cute! You did a wonderful the clothes too!
I love Hello Kitty, too. Do you freehand Hello Kitty?
She's so sweet : )
so did you make uup this pattern????
Thanks but she is from a pattern.I look everywhere for a hk pattern they r very hard to find.I did bid on ebay but i was outbidded so i save myself a hundred dollars on a used book.I was able to find a book store at pacfic mall that orders books from tawain and japan in was so happy when they said they will order it for me.So i am waiting right now and i also bought some hk patterns from someone on ebay privately but the patterns r too big to print thanks for the nice comments.I'll be making more if any1 is interested let me know.U all do such great work keep it up.
hi jenn!-welcome - nice job on hello kitty!
i love ur hello kitty!!! ===(*^*)=^
how did you design your hello did a great job as far as getting the right details?????
do you plan a making her family and friends?????
there is a really good website the owner is daphne mah and she did tons of stuff ...her work is tr;ue inspiration....
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