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Tuesday, March 07, 2006

I love amigurumi

First I just want to say that I am happy being part of this community. I just love amigurumi, and I am totally addicted. At the moment I am working on a piggy and a duck. Both of the pattern I got from a Japanses book. The piggy needs a leg and the duck has quite a while to go. Right now the duck is sad because it can't go anywhere. He has no wings or feet, but that will change soon.

oh, i don't think the duck should be sad- he looks gorgeous just the way he is. i will be his legs and feet and carry him all around the world!
good job on both. i hope you post the finished photos too.
Way cute!! Can't wait to see Ducky finished! I really like the way you did the bill. Tre cute, tre cute! Your stitches are even very pretty!! Hope you post him finished!!!
super cute, especially Ducky
thank you all for your positive comments. Ducky will be finished soon.
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