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Sunday, April 09, 2006

another frog

I think I saw a frog kind of like this on this blog before, but I made it without a pattern, so I guess I can call it my own. Right??

So cute...I love the little scarf on the bear and the eyes make the frog!
I really like the bear. Would you be willing to share the pattern? Or did you make it up? The frog is cute too. His face has a lot of character in it. He looks like he's gonna jump of the page to come hang out! Is the bears' mouth felt? Rad! Thanks for sharing!
I could try to write it up. I'll make another post when it's ready
Oooooh love them! I did make a frog similar to yours and posted it here, maybe that's the one you're thinking of, but I don't mind that they look alike! They can be brothers. hee hee Amigurumi is made from such simple basic shapes that there's bound to be similar creatures all the time. Love it love it!! Keep up the great work! (^_^)v
Rad! Thanks Tatti! No rush though! I've got some WIP's right now anyways! ttyl!
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