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Sunday, April 02, 2006

Matilde & Zequi

I'm working on a family of dollies with their pets. These are Matilde & Zequi. What do you think of her face? I tried the black plastic eyes but thought she looked scary, and I'm not sure I'm all the way convinced with her face now...


Matilde & Zequi

They're so cute I really love the little girl : )
I've never been a huge fan of the White Stripes, but for some reason she reminds me of the drummer. Very cute!
I think her face looks fine and I love the bear hat.
Oh excellent! So cute.
I love did a great job!!!
She's perfect! that cute little face is just the one that belongs to her
She is just the sweetest. and her companion is a cutie too.
She is really sweet as is the bear. I honestly think that you shouldn't change a thing.
I'm sorry for my comment.
Thank you, you're all really nice. I'm almost done with another little girl. This one has a turtle. They're really fun to make!
Hey dacingdishes... sorry for what comment? :)
I think she is adorable, and I like her face; she looks friendly. Her bear is adorable too!
I guess it didn't post (thank GOD) I was feeling like a complete idiot. I guess I've had a problem postin. I've tried a couple times to explain, but it just never shows. What I had originally said, cause I know you're curious, I just said that I thought if the eys were a teeny tiny bit bigger and lower a teeny tiny bit, I thought it would give you more of the umph you I thought was being asked for in the post. Then I went to read the other comments and noticed that everyone was saying that they thought the face was great! And then I was feeling like a HUGE ass. So that is what I'm apologizing for. I don't want to piss anyone off, I was just making a suggestion and I thought that I had just totally alienated myself from the group.
But I love your doll, and if you want to have a good luagh, you can always go laugh at my stuff. It's not very great yet. I've only made two dollies so far. Your work is WAY better than mine. I don't, and didn't mean any offense. Thank you and sorry again! :^)
oh, don't feel bad, i'm not that happy with the face either, i like it, but i'm not all the way in love with it. i have the worst time with faces, i try like a million different things and i'm never all the way happy. i love it when people like what i do but it's also nice when i get suggestions. isn't it the point of this blog anyways? :)
i'm making a couple of them, i'll try the bigger eyes with the next one :)
Ahh. I feel so much better. I was really worried that I had really screwed myself. I do think she's rad, but I think you're just looking for more, hopefully that will work for you! Please keep up the good work! I need the inspiration. Plus seeing all these posts gives a little kick in the rear-end to get to gettin'! So thank you for sharing! can't wait to see the whole family!! :^)
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