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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

I finished my second amigurumi!!

Finally! It's a gift for my friend's baby shower. I think he's a little funky shaped, I didn't use a pattern. I just hope she likes it. Actually, I guess she doesn't have to like it, the baby does. And most babies don't care about proportions.

I should be able to fix my 'proportion' problem since I got an Amigurumi Collection (Vol. 3) book. :D :D :D It makes me so, so happy! So far, so good with the charts. I bought a pictorial Japanese/English dictionary today, so I'm slowly figuring out what the symbols mean. Unfortunately, there is no pronunciation, only kanji. Which is fine, but I guess I was hoping for both. I guess you can't always get what you want, but you get what you need! Ahh baby, yea! Sorry, just a little Stones to end the day!! So.... happy thoughts, lusious merriment, and much obsessive yarning!

Oh I think she is so cute! I love how happy she looks. I am sure both mom and baby will love it.

Amanda :)
Hey so did you go to J-Town? That was one of the books I saw. haha Did you see anything else??? :D Great baby shower gift, btw.
Really guys?!?! You think she will? I hope so. So (amigurumi girl) you do live around here! That rocks! If you want to, please e-mail me Maybe, if locations are good, we could meet up. I'm in S.R. and I'm starting a stitch 'n' bitch. Tomarrow is going to be our first meeting. If you want to come.... The more the merrier! But I don't know, just puttin' it out there. I don't want you to be weirded out or anything. I did see one other amigurumi book. It was one that is in this collection:
If you've never been to this site, it's pretty cool. Lots of inspiration! Thanks again!! Have a good one!
yeah that's the other book i saw at the store! hahaha i'll contact you about that stitch and bitch. ;)
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