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Monday, March 27, 2006

My 2nd Ami. bunny

Well, here's the 2nd one as promised, lol. I finished it this afternoon. Again, it started as a pattern from Roxycraft, but this time I only used the pattern for the body & head. The rest I designed as I went along.

I really like this one & can't wait to move on to my next which I think is going to be a "Chihuahua". After seeing how adorable Jenn's turned out the other day, who could resist!

Happy stitching. Posted by Picasa

Cute eyes.
very nice work its gets better everytime u make a new one.
Thx. Jenn.
It's great to have people make positive comments about one's work. It's those kind words that keep people creating.
Very very cute!!!
Love the eyes! Too cute! Super job.
Yep, cute eyes. They were the first thing I noticed! I like the ears too. They have a nice 'flop' to them.
Thx. I'm use to making "Art Dolls" so I like to wire the limbs so that they're positional. Just adds a bit to the uniqueness & people always seem amazed that you can move some of the parts around, lol.
I love the eyes.
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