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Friday, March 24, 2006

Here are some of the other crafty things i make i thought they look like amigurumi but beaded i have made many of these little toys but since i fell in love with amigurumi i kinda stop but i will get back into it soon. enjoy!

Wow! They certainly are amigurumi-esque. Are they done on wire?
you have a nice website of well done patterns but if some were taken from books like your hello kitties...they are copyrighted and selling copyrighted items is a violation of the law even in the usa
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I'm not selling any copy right patterns.I made alot of my own patterns except for like 3 including the kitties i thought about selling them cause the person i bought the book from was selling one of the hk's and most of the time i give them away as gifts.I do plan on selling my work once i finish my classes for this year then i can spend all my time crocheting.I would love to see some of your work r u selling any of them i would like to knopw how to set the prices for my dolls.thanks for the advice.
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