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Thursday, March 30, 2006

More Characters

Here is the lady with the funkiest hair and most conventional attitude.

Making the hair was my favorite part. I love royal blue!

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I love her!! As you can probably guess, I'm a huge animation fan. Are you going to do Maggie?? I just adore her too, lol.
She is RAD!!! The whole thing! Great job! Did you make her up? She's totally rad! Thanks! I needed to see something cool right now! So what's next? :^)
That is sooooooo cool! Yeah, the hair is the best part!
I love her Awesome job : )
Wow awesome job on the shaping! You really captured Marge's likeness. Even fingers! How big is she actually?
Dancingdishes: Yes. I made her up looking at her image on a Simpsons DVD. I record them on TiVo and watch all the time, in addition, "beloved" and I buy the season DVDs.
Boop: That is so funny. I'm actually working on Maggie. I also made Bart and Homer (but gave to a kid before taking a pic) - I'll make another one. I still need to make Liza.
All: Thank you so much for your compliments. My ego is massaged and happy.
hi there. I just found your site. I've seen the pic of marge but never saw her in crochet. I just read you made her up. I was wondering, will you be selling the patterns you have made up for the simpsons? I would love to start with Marge, but i'm not good enough to do her without a pattern. Please let us know. Thank you

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