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Thursday, April 06, 2006


I respectfully request that we all play nice and not begin any unpleasantless on this blog. Everyone has been having fun, but at the first sign of nastiness, I will end the amigurumi-along in a heartbeat.

As it is, I have decided to end adding new members as of now. In a few days, I will re-evaluate if the amigurumi-along will end.

Thank you.

i don't know if you're referring to me... but just in case, i removed the note i wrote on my last post. i don't think there is anything objectionable in it now.
Huh *scratches head* I haven't seen anything bad on this blog ever : )
I know what u mean I got one nasty comment from a secrect writer but because of that u shouldnt end this blog.I think it is great that people share their ideas.I hope u keep this blog going cause it gives me tons of ideas on desgining my own ami.
thanks jenn
jenn you only got that comment because you steal ideas and sell them 4 your own profit...shame on you!!!!
I hope you don't end's one of my favorite blogs.
Why are anonymous comments allowed ??
i havent sold anything first of all! ppl like u shouldnt be allowed in things like this and i degins my own amis.I know what copy right is i dont need u to tell me.I make my own own bears and bunnies those r my own.i never claim that the hks were mine or any other charecter dolls.I dont understand y u have to be so rude!! i dont steal anyones work i dont believe in that.If u notice that amigurumis arent hard to make they r all ball shape head and tiny bodies if u crochet for a long time u would know how that is done.Why cant u just msg me if u have a problem with the things i make.i dont put down anyones work even if it looks like a pattern like i said once u know the basics of amis it is not hard to desgin your own.u could talk to me ok my email is dont see why this have to end like this. jenn
Anonymous comments had been allowed PREVIOUSLY because everyone had been playing nice. They will no longer be allowed, since it's apparent that not all commenters can be adults.
Thanks Jessica : )
Wow! Can I just apologize if I ticked anyone off? Cause I do apologize. I do appreciate this site and ALL the peoples here. But I think it's hard to have so many in one place and expect there to not be any conflict. Humans are humans. Maybe one of us was having a bad day and didn't realize they were putting someone down. I've been going thru some crap, and my hubby just told me that it was affecting out marriage. So hopefully, that's all it was. :^D I think that for most of us, we have gotten more out of being a part of this site, then we have gotten pissed due to others not behaving correctly. But hey! Maybe now that this has been brought up, people will act proper now. I know that my comments will be a little more 'few and far between'. Just to ensure that I can come back and see all the wonderful projects. Again, I thank you for the opportunity to have been apart of this, and I'm sorry if I offended anyone.
Thanks again ~~ Dishes
thanks Jessica.I do hope that this blog stays open i really enjoy being part of this blog.
sorry...I missed seeing the English directions...they are right there!
I do hope that the Ami-A-long stays going - I don't post much (okay, almost never) but I love seeing what others have done!
This is such an inspirational site, and i truly hope it will be around for a long time to come.
I've been on the web as long as it's existed and anonymous snark is just part of the territory. Don't let it get you down. And don't respond in anger. Not worth it. It's called "feeding the trolls." :-)
Wow. I go away for a week and things go nuts! hahaha I'm sorry that someone nasty got in and temporarily cast a shadow on our happy blog. =( I really hope Amigurumi-Along stays open, it's my favorite place for sharing.
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