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Friday, September 02, 2005


i am new to this blog and just thought i would pop in and introduce myself! i learned to crochet when i was three years old, my grandma and her friend would make wonderful afghans and at that time i mostly made little "snakes". i haven't progressed much since then, just making scarves and blankets, but it's time to make even cuter things like amigurumi!

i have always wanted to learn more crochet techniques, and i know that being part of this blog will help me to learn how make amigurumi. i was so excited when i found this blog, and can't wait to get started! you can visit my blog to learn even more about me. :)

MY wife is wanting to get into knitting, crochet, etc. I will direct her here.
Welcome, Aimee! I'm sure you'll enjoy amigurumi - they're pretty easy once you get into the groove!
Hi Aimee... hope to see some of your fun animals when you get some time. :)
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