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Monday, April 17, 2006

I desgin all these amigurumis they are now for sale on etsy.I started off with the bird and then i decided to use the same style for all my other ones.I havent seen ones like mine so i hope ppl will like them.I work on them for a month and half.Enjoy! jenn:)
(No I did not steal anyones work)

Good job! The bunny is especially cute!
thank you!
Wow, they are all so nice Jenn. You really did a great job. I like the bunny, panda & puppy best, but the others are cute too. They are definitely unique & you should be proud of your creations.
they sure are super cute! how tall are they? the bird is definately my favorite. best of luck with your etsy shop.
the bird is 8cm and the other softie is 10cm.Thank you for the nice comment.
i really loved them all.
you should think about publishing them they are very cute and unique
Ohh they're precious but gotta love the bird : )
great work jenn! - they came out really nice.
They're all so sweet..Extremely good work
ooooh cute!!! great job!
I love them! They're all so kawaii!!! I would love a copy of the patterns if you'd be willing to share. Fabulous job!!!

I love the girl! How'd you do the hair? Are the bangs a spike stitch? What a great idea! Will you be selling the patterns as well? Do you have a link to your shop? Well, nice work and good luck! Pass on a link when you get a chance please! :^D
thanks for all the nice comments.They are my own patterns i havent worte down any notes yet but i think i will start soon.I havent sold any yet.I lower the price to 11usd i hope someone buys.I'm glad you all like them makes me very happy.My esty shop is jennipoh is my seller name.thanksqgci
I really like the dog. I haven't done any dogs yet.
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