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Wednesday, April 19, 2006


I made this little guy for my nephew. His sister is getting a pink amineko. The body and head are similar to the amineko but the legs and arms are quite different. The legs were a little funny to crochet but I managed to work it out.

Pattern is here

this one looks just like the one on the website you posted....
you should be very proud of that acomplishment did such a great job on your ami's...the kids that get them are bound to love them ...thanx 4 sharing with the rest of us....
How cute : ) I clicked on the pattern link and it doesn't work.
He is a sweet one. I just printed the pattern off and will try it in the not too distant future. Thankyou
kittykat - thanks! :)

alisha - the link was broken earlier (sorry!) but i think it is fixed now. i'm still learning how to deal with blogger :)

jannikinz - yes, definitely give the pattern a try. i used cheap red heart acrylic yarn for mine. the only part i thought was a little tricky was the legs, but i just kept referring to the pictures on the web site and it worked out.
Yep it's working : )
love the squinty eyes. does he need glasses? hee hee
i should have made him some accessories - glasses, a scarf, etc. :) that would be fun!
Just adorable! How on earth did you manage to read the pattern? Or did you just work it out from the pics? I can't work it out LOL
Awww I love panda's I just can't read the pattern lol and I'm only a beginner in crocheting so I'm not good enough to work it out from just the pictures =( Yours looks adorable though =D
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