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Monday, April 17, 2006

New one :)

This one's Malena. I made a little turtle for her, haven't taken a picture yet... Again, I tried like a million faces (bigger eyes didn't work either) and I still don't like it. I think Matilde's came out nicer... oh well. I'll keep trying :) Hope you guys like it!
Malena 2
Malena 1

she's just too cute...i just wanna squeeze her
How completely adorable : )
nice! i love the outfit!
She is very cute. Love the shoe. I need to figure out how to make those shoes they would great on something I'm currently working on.
Way rad! The face is fine! I think I have to say, she is my favorite so far. and I might just have to make similar for myself, if that's O.K. with you, of course! I love the ribbon and the hair and the shoes and the.... ok, I'll stop. Thanks for sharing!
Don't be so hard on yourself...She is Super Cute!
I love her hair!
awesome! the sash is a great accent.
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